Haines Port Development Council - Mission Statement
Synchronizing the Port of Haines with the future

The Council proposes to be the hub of an information network using the Internet and social media to synchronize the Port of Haines, Alaska with the future of the region. Subscribership is composed of private and government entities with a mutual interest in the Port of Haines and its strategic assets and potential beneficial uses.

The Council subscribership of transboundary U.S./Canada interests will be largely related to Oil, Gas and Mining developments in the greater Pacific Northwest as well as having interests in increased electrical power production, general manufacturing opportunities and transshipment infrastructure as they relate to all types of commerce serviced by the Port of Haines at its various port facilities.

The non-dues general subscribership will be open to all those with a direct role and/or constructive, positive interest in the future operations of the Port of Haines, Alaska. A Council Board will act as the executive committee for all Council activities.

Dave Berry ,
Bill Kurz
Dave Nanney