The Port of Haines is specified in an Alaska Railroad and University of Alaska feasiblity report as one of three major ports best positioned to serve the proposed Alaska, Canada, North America Railroad Intertie along with Anchorage and Prince Rupert. The Haines, Alaska section from Carmacks, Yukon to Haines is specified as the most profitable and best initial phase for the Intertie with the best benefits-to-cost ratio. Additional phases would be constructed over time until the entire Intertie is completed connecting North America with Asia by rail and ship by the shortest route possible as shown immediately below.

Proposed Alaska, Canada, North America Railroad Intertie project. This relieves already congested West Coast ports and connects the East Coast of North America on a much shorter route to Asia by rail and ship. Funding would be by an international mix of private and government interests with a direct stake in the Intertie. The railroad corridor could also contain pipelines, power and communications utilities.Read the Feasiblity Study here
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The Port of Anchorage has been specified as the Western-most major port to be connected to the proposed Alaska North American Railroad Intertie along with Haines and Prince Rupert.

The Port of Valdez as the terminus of the Alaska Oil Pipeline may also be the beneficiary of a Natural Gas Pipeline although this project is currently stalled in economic and political uncertainty.

Nikiski, Alaska is currently the only port in North America producing and exporting LNG and in this regard it is a vital lifeline to projects requiring LNG in Alaska and the Yukon to fuel the coming Gas Economy. Currently the ConocoPhillips Nikiski plant is exporting LNG to Japan and supplies Natural Gas from Cook Inlet to the Anchorage region. Planned LNG plants at Prince Rupert and Fort Nelson, B.C. and perhaps in the future at Haines, Alaska will make LNG more readily available in the future in the Pacific Northwest.

The Port of Skagway must improve its existing rail connection to the Yukon to play a vital and strategic role within the North American Railroad Intertie.

Source of Maps and Establishing Scale: Google Earth